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10 Novels
  • Thrill Rider

    Thrill Rider


    He's not actually what you picture when you think "hero" but nevertheless, he is one.

  • Solaris Four: Embers of War Extended Edition

    Solaris Four: Embers of War Extended Edition


    after escaping an assassination attempt, John Harper is sent on a mission, not knowing his life has been drastically changed. he is captured by a grey species called the …

  • Scar : It’s you

    Scar : It’s you


    My life goals since childhood was to be famous, but not in this way.

  • Hidden Path: Road to Survival

    Hidden Path: Road to Survival


    The Male Lead and the Female Lead; the Hero and Heroine are always meant to be together. The perfect match, no matter the obstacles they face fate will always …

  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown


    Alice and her friends, John and Maria, are average teens in an average world. Well, until Alice has a vision of the end of it. Now, they're working together …

  • Proofreading Services

    Proofreading Services


    Blueth Mendoza, a 16-year-old girl looking for a job as a proofreader to pass the time of her summer vacation finds not only a job but also finds something …

  • The Criminals

    The Criminals


    A guy called Alex comes in Ruby City, a place where everything is almost possible, even for a guy like Alex who gave up on studying and came here …

  • The Rise of the Spider Goddess

    The Rise of the Spider Goddess


    There is going to be no major summary as of the moment. The story will mostly be about the main character Luna and her adventure starting off as a …

  • Electro_boy



    After the event of an asteroid falling to the earth that brought an unknown element with enormous amount of power Neon Edison, a carefree teenage boy from lightville whose …

  • Heavenly Dao Child

    Heavenly Dao Child


    Once upon time a wise man had said, “All men and women are born equal.” Well he lied, no one is born equal if it were so people would …