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7 Novels
  • Mizuchi



    In a world where 3 worlds collide The Light world, Dark world and Earth we find a young boy alone taken in by an old man and follow his …

  • The Rose Tree Chronicles

    The Rose Tree Chronicles


    An epic fantasy series which takes place on the world of Xyntriav. It follows a pixie, Rein Bow, who witnesses the major events of Gerardo of Liko, Jorge of …

  • Pirates of Oceanlandia: A Collection of Short Stories

    Pirates of Oceanlandia: A Collection of Short Stories


    A series of Short Stories taking place within the vast ocean Kingdom of Oceanlandia and the surrounding areas. Bare witness to dashing rogues, buxom women, rich nobels, fascist elves, …

  • A technomancer’s journey in an apocalyptic world

    A technomancer’s journey in an apocalyptic world


    Getting a chance to join a reputed college, chance to represent his country in international sports, a 15 year Ryan had everything a person could dream off to have …

  • The last Guardian

    The last Guardian


    Ethan bent his knees forward and leapt unto the balcony, the panicked shouts of the girl behind him drawing all the attention in the room towards him. He turned …

  • Book One: Ka’ös

    Book One: Ka’ös


    Everything began when her eyes turned gold, friends became enemies and enemies became friends. It was not what she’d expected when searching for answers. And now maybe the truth …

  • A loner’s Crazy Life

    A loner’s Crazy Life


    Before rebirth could see the future After rebirth has to save the future. with neither luck nor will he keeps doing this as a part of a deal with Gods. out …