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4 Novels
  • War of The Gods

    War of The Gods


    Imagine a world where all the Gods existed, but played games with humanity from the shadows! Time to meet the Guardians, chosen ones who represent the Gods on Earth. And …

  • Out of Reach

    Out of Reach


    Dreams. Regrets. Hopes. Mistakes. Flaws. They all make us human. This is a story about a girl and both her regrets and hopes, the lengths she goes to, to …

  • Death Bed

    Death Bed


    This is a story of a top-ranked Mafia gang. Mafia leader Andrey is known as Mr. Brown and also called The Killing Machine. Anyone who dares to cross …

  • Death : Mystery Unsolved

    Death : Mystery Unsolved


    Warning : Not suitable for readers under 18 . ********************************************* Kai ( Agent S ) is the captain of Secret Special Forces of Country P , who is best in his …