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9 Novels
  • Behind the two mask

    Behind the two mask


    A seemingly handsome, smart and perfect guy transfers to a school called Royal Griffin Academy where elite students gather. But little did they know this Handsome transferee is actually …

  • Thrill Rider

    Thrill Rider


    He's not actually what you picture when you think "hero" but nevertheless, he is one.

  • The Game of the Endless Abyss

    The Game of the Endless Abyss


    The Abyss was a universe born from the conglomeration of hundreds of Worlds, Planes, and Realms. It was a massive land filled with great wonder and mystery, and it …

  • Solaris Four: Embers of War Extended Edition

    Solaris Four: Embers of War Extended Edition


    after escaping an assassination attempt, John Harper is sent on a mission, not knowing his life has been drastically changed. he is captured by a grey species called the …

  • Scar : It’s you

    Scar : It’s you


    My life goals since childhood was to be famous, but not in this way.

  • Hidden Path: Road to Survival

    Hidden Path: Road to Survival


    The Male Lead and the Female Lead; the Hero and Heroine are always meant to be together. The perfect match, no matter the obstacles they face fate will always …

  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown


    Alice and her friends, John and Maria, are average teens in an average world. Well, until Alice has a vision of the end of it. Now, they're working together …

  • Heavenly Dao Child

    Heavenly Dao Child


    Once upon time a wise man had said, “All men and women are born equal.” Well he lied, no one is born equal if it were so people would …

  • The Editor Is the Novel’s Extra

    The Editor Is the Novel’s Extra

    Author: ,

    문과라도 안 죄송한 이세계로 감Kim Jeongjin, an editor of a publishing company on the brink of closing due to bankruptcy, ends up transmigrating inside a fantasy novel as the …