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7 Novels
  • The Ancients World

    The Ancients World


    The year is 2236 and the Deep Dive Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Ancients World is the most advanced game of its type ever created. A …

  • Birth Of The Diviner

    Birth Of The Diviner


    Clovis was reincarnated into another world, a world filled with technology, swords, and magic. Guns had become essentially negligible as humans had evolved, to a point where they could …

  • Scar : It’s you

    Scar : It’s you


    My life goals since childhood was to be famous, but not in this way.




    "Via, If there is no story where everyone could get a happily ever after, then will you able to make one?" I remember Zash words as I look at …

  • Moksa (The warrior who return to eternity)

    Moksa (The warrior who return to eternity)


    Ratna escaped the pursuit of Wilwatikta's soldiers while struggling to carry her newborn baby this afternoon. Fresh blood poured out, Ratna had been hit several times by a swordsman. …

  • the curiosity

    the curiosity


    There is always beauty in the secrets. 19-year-old Jamelah is a highschool student who is in her last year. She is an alpha's daughter. 24-year-old Amory is a rogue …

  • Hale Academy: University of Sui Generis

    Hale Academy: University of Sui Generis


    Seven Individuals from across the world, receive a mysterious envelope that invites them to attend a prestigious academy and train as warriors to defend against great evil... Well, It's …