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5 Novels
  • Love With No Heights

    Love With No Heights


    Akane Sinners, a mage who doesn’t have any good sorcery qualities is accepted to the elite magic school, Solair. Apparently, a mysterious redhead who she identifies as Sylvia Sinclair …

  • Accidental Harem: Let’s Kiss Again!

    Accidental Harem: Let’s Kiss Again!


    "Wh-who the hell are you and why are you kissing me!?" With Aranea backing away as she hid her lips with her forearm, the blue-haired man who came out of …

  • Sinister Blue

    Sinister Blue


    This is set in the distant future. World War 3 led to the total human population decreasing by more than half. After that tragic war, a man who people …

  • Song of Creation- The Legacy

    Song of Creation- The Legacy


    Aurelius Obscurus Lux. The first species of Obscurus Lux to be ever created in the entirety of the universe. He is alone in the universe, a clean slate, the …

  • Daughter of the Moon Goddess

    Daughter of the Moon Goddess


    After trying to flee with the secret weapon her lord's superiors intend to use for the Great War, Alvena is hunted down all the way to the Infinite River …