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20 Novels
  • Alchemic Revolution

    Alchemic Revolution


    What if you were given the power of hope? To transcend over the oppressions of your enemies? To liberate the world from the chains of destruction? And what if you were in …




    "Via, If there is no story where everyone could get a happily ever after, will you able to make one?" I remember Zash words as I look at the …

  • Quest to Reclaim a Homeland

    Quest to Reclaim a Homeland


    A trip that started for supplies and trading goods ending up being something more. A hunter from Lothinum set out on a four week journey through Galendin to reach …

  • The Dragon Lord’s Apprentice

    The Dragon Lord’s Apprentice


    A young stable hand lives a uneventful and simple life, until one day when she looks to the skies and sees opportunity for something greater.

  • You can´t die, if you are already dead.

    You can´t die, if you are already dead.


    A person has died, he does not know how or why, but after his death he meets a girl dressed in white. She is a superior entity that is …

  • This World Needed a Commander, so I Was Summoned For the Job.

    This World Needed a Commander, so I Was Summoned For the Job.


    Nic, one of the top players of a online game, has somehow been reincarnated into another world. What makes it stranger, he was reincarnated into his max level character …

  • Immortal Killer

    Immortal Killer


    What would happen when the most dangerous Mastermind criminal of Earth is transmigrated to a cultivation world?... The answer is Chaos... Read and learn more about the mysterious journey …

  • Unlimited Mana Works!

    Unlimited Mana Works!


    In this world, a boy named Reign was born. He thinks himself just a tiny bit better than others. With his abilities, he could be considered a genius but …

  • Prophecy Child:Legend Of The Gatekeeper

    Prophecy Child:Legend Of The Gatekeeper


    A story about an ordinary boy who switched schools only for his life to change forever... he wants to make his own anime as a career but will it …

  • A twist in a tale
  • The Ancients World

    The Ancients World


    The year is 2236 and the Deep Dive Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Ancients World is the most advanced game of its type ever created. A …

  • Birth Of The Diviner

    Birth Of The Diviner


    Clovis was reincarnated into another world, a world filled with technology, swords, and magic. Guns had become essentially negligible as humans had evolved, to a point where they could …

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