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8 Novels
  • Pupa



    " Life... is nothing but suffering, the only thing we could do, is to be happy no matter what the pain we have to experience... smile my little …

  • The Boy Reincarnates

    The Boy Reincarnates


    A boy reincarnates into another world and is able to make quick and loving relationship with his family. As he turns the age of 1 his village is attacked …

  • The Strongest Adventure Can’t Talk

    The Strongest Adventure Can’t Talk


    Called the cursed child from birth, Maria has led a lonely life, being treated more like a slave than a daughter. When marriage is forced on her, Maria cannot …




    Demiurge belongs to a race called Supreme Beings. Together with the race of Dark Entities, these two races are not known among all humans, only a handful of them …

  • My System Is Corrupted!

    My System Is Corrupted!


    A boy named Anre wants to become an Archer and trains hard in order to do so. One day he stumbles upon a strange object which gives him a …

  • Archmage Leticia

    Archmage Leticia


    On the day of the imperial trial which will determine whether she’ll acquire the Demon King’s power or not, not wanting to become the villainess she was ought to …

  • I Know the Secret to Surpass Level 100

    I Know the Secret to Surpass Level 100


    It was always Elliot's dream to become an Adventurer. He lacked magic powers to which was why society looked down on him. His life changed when he was lost in the …

  • Xoxo Iris

    Xoxo Iris


    “Isn’t this great milady? You’ve always wanted to attend the same school as Lady Amelie.” My personal maid, Esme seemed genuinely happy for me.  But at the moment nothing but …