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4 Novels
  • Summoner of Gods

    Summoner of Gods


    As an outcast, when I realized I had been summoned to another world, the first thing I knew I needed to do was get away. I would have zero friends …

  • The Rise Of The Shadow Emperor

    The Rise Of The Shadow Emperor


    Nishimoto Tatsuo, a rogue 10 years old magician, who was treated harshly by his own family. After He was born, he never saw his mother. He was tortured by …

  • Cultivators (TAGALOG)

    Cultivators (TAGALOG)


    Caleb Halesworth, isang taong hindi alam ang totoong pagkatao pati na rin ang pagkatao ng kaniyang mga magulang. Limang taong gulang siya nang maabandona ng kaniyang ama't ina at …

  • A World Full of Adventurers, Criminals and Monsters!!

    A World Full of Adventurers, Criminals and Monsters!!


    Hiroki and his friends are aspiring to become adventurers. After an incident involving them and a guild master, they have seen the children's power and begged them for help. …