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  • My Mafia Rival was my Best Friend

    My Mafia Rival was my Best Friend


    - in which Kim Taeho and Jeon Jaehyun were best friends, until they were not, and the next time they meet they're bickering mafia rivals out for each other's …

  • [BL] A Fairies’ Reincarnation

    [BL] A Fairies’ Reincarnation


    What's the outcome when the line between moral and immoral becomes blurred? * Three hundred-twenty Years ago, a prophecy was forged from the blood of prince Atlas, the same prince who …

  • Thousand Mile

    Thousand Mile


    Benjamin has a childhood friend named Charli whom he hasn't seen in years. Lately Benjamin has been having strange feelins about his friend but assumes the reason is because …

  • System:Twisted Love Interest Cannon Fodder

    System:Twisted Love Interest Cannon Fodder


    "You are too overpowered. Your existence poses a great threat to my son and daughter of fate. I had no other choice but to kill you." This was the …

  • Apple and Oats

    Apple and Oats


    This story is about Gods, mystical creature spirits, love, politics, Ancient races, revenge and justice. I think.... heres a few paragraphs from different chapters! "He looked at me with his …

  • be my yellow

    be my yellow


    Love Story of two School boys. Ved has always been attracted to Amir but didn't had the courage to confess until one day Amir notices it and starts messing …

  • Learning to Love you

    Learning to Love you


    Kian is a young 20 years old boy who was raised in an orphanage, after being abandoned by his father at the tender age of 9. Kian believes he …

  • Be spoiled with your beloved wife. BL

    Be spoiled with your beloved wife. BL


    Gu Xian was reborn to a time where he had only been married to his wife for a month. Due to many regrets and misunderstandings, Gu Xian finally decided …

  • My charming Alpha( bl omegaverse )

    My charming Alpha( bl omegaverse )


    He hates his family because of the incident that happened in his childhood, which he wants to forget desperately but can't. He never had the luck in finding the …

  • To Be a Man at My Second Chance of Life [BL]

    To Be a Man at My Second Chance of Life [BL]


    Dakota: Make me a tall, handsome, and rich man in my next life! System 666: Noted. Dakota: Um. Why am I not rich? System 666: You don't need to. Dakota: ??? ***** *Cover arts belongs …

  • Young Master Wei and His Lover, Damien (BL)

    Young Master Wei and His Lover, Damien (BL)


    Damien is a Freshman at Dong University, currently ranked 4th in the world, majoring in finances as he aspires to build his own empire, yet his own family has …

  • [BL] Just Across

    [BL] Just Across


    Zac loves writing, and Jacob loves reading. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? A story that took place one Winter, in a station they once …

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