boy-boy romance

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9 Novels
  • My Lover in the Alternate Dimension – YiZhan

    My Lover in the Alternate Dimension – YiZhan


    Xiao Zhan is a poly student who, without warning, is transported to another world just like his, where he just became an intern at a big company called Wang …

  • Stalemate (BL Novel)

    Stalemate (BL Novel)


    Youjin and Keita met when Keita and his girlfriend broke up, and instantly they became bestfriends. They have a pretty normal friendship until Keita started holding Youjin's hand. …

  • In love with a merman

    In love with a merman


    A story that immerses itself in an environment of personal growth, secrets that put trust in a thread, exposed feelings and with touches of fantasy. Delve into it and …

  • Hype



    Meet Zac, he's your normal eighteen-year-old just trying to get through life one step at a time but what happens when life just doesn't go your way? What happens …

  • The ‘LIVE’ cafe

    The ‘LIVE’ cafe


    A new cafe has been opened in the pleasant and lovable city of Huai Khot. Later to which coffee the whole city was addicted. The cafe was running marvelously …

  • Gods Beyond

    Gods Beyond


    Claude is absolutely, resolutely, normal. He leads a normal life, with a normal job, and normal friends. If there ever was something out of the ordinary, it had to …

  • Accidentally in Love [BL]

    Accidentally in Love [BL]


    Vikram's never had much going on for himself and he dislikes most things in life. But he dislikes his archrival at school, Aditya the most. Things take a turn …

  • My Immortal Lover

    My Immortal Lover


    Little Mikey(a werewolf omega) sneaks into a New Year’s party with his Alpha brother. The party is for vampires only, but Mikey doesn’t care. He wants one thing, and …

  • Abused & Bought

    Abused & Bought


    "That one there. She's the one." She froze, eyes bulging. "Are you sure sir? She's nothing but a runt!" "I'm very sure." He smirked, flashing pearly white fangs. "She's perked my interests …