boy-girl romance

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4 Novels
  • Lisa & The Naughty Mommy

    Lisa & The Naughty Mommy


    Lisa Allen a late blooming teenage girl that turned 18 is about to head off to college. A girl that was a little shelter is now growing up in …

  • Hazel in love

    Hazel in love


    Julia and her mom moved from their old home to go to the city of Los Angeles. There at her new school she instantly felt a connection between the …

  • Fly with me

    Fly with me


    They say when you are about to die, your life flashes in your eyes. I only saw one moment. "Don't you ever just feel like flying?" "Too many times." …

  • Abused & Bought

    Abused & Bought


    "That one there. She's the one." She froze, eyes bulging. "Are you sure sir? She's nothing but a runt!" "I'm very sure." He smirked, flashing pearly white fangs. "She's perked my interests …