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  • The best thing happened to me

    The best thing happened to me


    [ This novel contains mature content. Read at your own risk. Please don’t blame me for your nosebleed :)))] This is the story between two people who had experienced heartbreaks …

  • When The Stars Don’t Align

    When The Stars Don’t Align


    Zhao Yingyue, daughter of the late Zhao Bohai, does not want any part of what she thinks her father has planned for her. All her life she had fought …

  • Prince Charming Loses Charm

    Prince Charming Loses Charm


    "Prince Charming" Louis fails to kiss Princess Luna at midnight on New Year's Eve. When he wakes up on New Year's Day, he finds out that he has lost …

  • My CEO Daddy is Gay?

    My CEO Daddy is Gay?


    “Are you sure this is the right address?” “I’m pretty sure.” They rang the doorbell and a tall handsome man stood in front of them. “Alex?” “Hi, Robbie.” “It’s been a long time.” “Yeah, well..” “Mom,” …

  • That Man Is A Girl!

    That Man Is A Girl!


    Cute. Cheerful. Easily flustered. Chen Jingyun, a young girl beautifully blossoming into ladyhood, had to cut the crap and disguise herself as a man. Someone out there wanted her life. She …

  • Billion Dollar Boyfriend

    Billion Dollar Boyfriend


    What happens when a ruthless —possesive man meets a crazy girl? Azra isn't just a crazy girl, she's a biker bitch. Being raised up with males, she adapted …

  • In the clutches of the dark prince

    In the clutches of the dark prince


    Melanie a very lively and living in the moment type of girl has a fateful encounter with a introverted boy named Brenden . Who falls in love with her …

  • Turnstead Love

    Turnstead Love


    Hope Dixon had been heartbroken once and she did not intend to ever fall in love again. When Mark Pearce, the subject of her heartbreak, is back in town …

  • Doting husband, loving wife

    Doting husband, loving wife


    Love at first sight, I don't believe in such things, they don't happen in real life may be in movies. Like most of the love stories where the male …

  • To Collide Again

    To Collide Again


    "OUR LOVE WILL PROTECT US LIKE ARMOR AND HEAL OUR WOUNDS LIKE MEDICINE." Ever since Cleign was a child, the expectation from her parents were too high. Starting from what …

  • My Friend’s Arrogant Brother

    My Friend’s Arrogant Brother


    Maya Alva is beautiful and smart but despite her intelligence she fell in love with her friend's twin brother who loves hurting her feelings. From grade four to High …

  • Reloved



    After Ru Wen moved to Shanghai permanently with her boyfriend, at that time she thought they’d get married and live happily ever after in their small apartment. Until one …

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