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  • The best thing happened to me

    The best thing happened to me


    [ This novel contains mature content. Read at your own risk. Please don’t blame me for your nosebleed :)))] This is the story between two people who had experienced heartbreaks …

  • Obsessive Love: Transmigrating To Find My Night Star

    Obsessive Love: Transmigrating To Find My Night Star


    The top businesswoman and national socialite Feng Yan died at the hands of her own sister. She thought this would be the end of her, but it seems the …

  • The Focus House

    The Focus House


    The gorgeous woman in a small apartment named Elena Vincent is a vampire living among the humans doing her best to live the most ordinary human life. The Focus …

  • When The Stars Don’t Align

    When The Stars Don’t Align


    Zhao Yingyue, daughter of the late Zhao Bohai, does not want any part of what she thinks her father has planned for her. All her life she had fought …

  • When we were perfect

    When we were perfect


    °Amy Moretti: A stubborn,feisty but kind hearted girl who works as a criminal lawyer for NIO. She thinks her life is perfect with a loving partner,family and friends but what …

  • Hidden marriage: My Adorable wife is a domineering Ceo

    Hidden marriage: My Adorable wife is a domineering Ceo


    Mo hiuyan is the only child of the Mo family, she was once a bubbly and cheerful girl but later became a cold and domineering CEO due to a …

  • Fancy Me, Professor!

    Fancy Me, Professor!


    "Good morning, everyone!" His sultry voice sounded in the classroom as he greeted his students. "Welcome to Assessment of Student Learning class, and I, Pan An, would be …

  • You’re My Only Star

    You’re My Only Star


    The first time she saw him, Song Xing Xing ran over a pole, injuring her head. The second time she saw him, he had thought that she was a reporter, …

  • To Collide Again (On-Going)

    To Collide Again (On-Going)


    She was there.. She was there when he needed her the most. She was there when he lost himself. And she was also there when he could no longer fight for himself …

  • Rent A Boyfriend!

    Rent A Boyfriend!


    ‘Ding Ding! Welcome to Rent A Boyfriend shop! Please pick your favourite before checking out. We accept credit cards only!’ --- Shi Ying was a 27 years old working woman who …

  • The Sky is Not Blue

    The Sky is Not Blue


    FATE… Your fate may be unfortunate, but you cannot escape it. You often meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid it. RUNNING… Can she run away from this storm …

  • Resisting Her

    Resisting Her


    What happens when a billionaire meets a crazy girl? Azra isn't just a crazy girl, she's a biker bitch. Being raised with males, she adapted to their lifestyle... On …

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