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4 Novels
  • Hunter Paradise: Rise of the Vanquished Ones

    Hunter Paradise: Rise of the Vanquished Ones


    Those who took part in Game of Angels were called Players, and those who rebelled were Hunters. In a wicked world, being Kind is not courageous or heroic, it’s purely ludicrous. If you gaze for long …

  • Luminary



    The world, its at war. The cruel organization of super terrorists, Saisem, took over the Northern part of the planet. Now the IBI(international bureau of investigation) and their super agents are …

  • Storm Oracle

    Storm Oracle


    Alternate Title:" Whoa! I Got Recruited BY The Devil And Now All The Magical Warriors Want Me!" Ten years ago the angel Sammael appeared in a burst of light over …

  • FEUD: Season One

    FEUD: Season One


    It's been four years since the magical Wyatt family and the psionic Selfridge family called a truce to their centuries long war for Sunshine Beach. Now, these once rival …