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5 Novels
  • A Flight of Broken Wings

    A Flight of Broken Wings


    Six hundred years ago, humanity rose up in revolt against the Aeriels, who were driven from earth and back into their homeland of Vaan after a bloody and glorious …

  • Hunter Mania 「Hell And Heaven」

    Hunter Mania 「Hell And Heaven」


    Out of nowhere, two towers had emerged in the world. And inside the tower, a game had started. Those who took part in the Game of Angels were called Players, and those who …

  • Luminary



    The world, its at war. The cruel organization of super terrorists, Saisem, took over the Northern part of the planet. Now the IBI(international bureau of investigation) and their super agents are …

  • I Will Be Queen

    I Will Be Queen


    Set in a parallel universe, where the Earth is made up of kingdoms named after the different continents of the world, there lived a young princess in the Kingdom …

  • Storm Oracle

    Storm Oracle


    Alternate Title:" Whoa! I Got Recruited BY The Devil And Now All The Magical Warriors Want Me!" Ten years ago the angel Sammael appeared in a burst of light over …