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  • Wild Young Princess: Mister, let’s sleep?

    Wild Young Princess: Mister, let’s sleep?


    A princess in a fantasy world, shackled by restrictive rules of the castle, had sought nothing but freedom. She found it in the end. It was death. However, the princess had …

  • Living with Mr cocky

    Living with Mr cocky


    April Jackson a 24 years old painter's life took a worst turn, in just a day she lost everything, her job ,her home and went totally bankrupt. But that …

  • Towards a New Future with my Twins

    Towards a New Future with my Twins


    From being an average office worker to a pregnant vampire princess?! Wait a minute! I cannot catch the tide! Crystal is the filial daughter of two average working couples from …

  • A Story That Holds Us Together

    A Story That Holds Us Together


    "Everyone says writers create stories..... but I don't believe that. I believe writers have their own stories which helps them to become an actual writer," Annabelle spelled those words …

  • Angel & Agent

    Angel & Agent


    'One Shot' is the nickname of the best sniper and secret agent who's about to get a promotion - if this mission goes well. But little did he expect …

  • Wife of the Faceless Billionaire

    Wife of the Faceless Billionaire


    Indy is a struggling author who suddenly finds herself homeless and completely broke. Just as she decides to give up on her dream and find a real job, a …

  • The One My Heart Seeks

    The One My Heart Seeks


    "Why do I get a feeling that I have seen here somewhere before?" Xavier Carter is a guy who is having difficulty in living because of a complicated family problem. …

  • The Unwanted Proposal

    The Unwanted Proposal


    Cedric and Veronica agreed to enter a contractual marriage for personal reasons. But can they still keep their arrangement purely business when one starts falling in love with the …

  • Healing Mr. Brown

    Healing Mr. Brown


    Vincent Brown has a past filled with cuts and bruises. He knows how to transform his pain and rage to bring out the best in him. He has made …

  • IN LOVE WITH MR ARROGANT (he is arrogant,she is crazy)

    IN LOVE WITH MR ARROGANT (he is arrogant,she is crazy)


    Meet Lucy Vega a 24 years old beautiful lady,her parents died when she was 5 years old,she struggled to send herself to school. Coming out with first degree in …

  • The CEO Wants Him

    The CEO Wants Him


    “Mister, it seems like you are attracted to me. How about we get married?” Selene smoothly jumped into his arms and carelessly touch his face. She looked exactly a …

  • Tutoring The Bad Boy

    Tutoring The Bad Boy


    And so the saying says " you may experience so many other loves but the love of your first love never quenches. It never dies ". Once childhood crushes but …

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