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9 Novels
  • Red Prince of Carnage

    Red Prince of Carnage


    Dark, brutal and it will send shock waves down your spine. It will be bloody with guts flying out. It will be everything but nice. One thing is for …

  • Wanted Wanters

    Wanted Wanters


    Want something? Just think about it and you shall have it. Money, women, power, name it and you shall have it in your grasp. Welcome to the World of Wanters. Dillon Ainsworth …

  • The Prisoner Series Book #1

    The Prisoner Series Book #1


    Can you imagine entering a world where the battles that take place in your dreams can change your life? A world that is at the mercy of angels and …




    He kissed my cut brow as the world around us burned and got sucked in eternal darkness. "See you in the next life, Nives Darling," he whispered.

  • As Time Goes On

    As Time Goes On


    Frey Ashton is growing older than he ever thought he would as the search for clues to gain his revenge are few and far between. His nightmares become worse …

  • Dark Wonders come to Life

    Dark Wonders come to Life


    There are no lifetime friends or allies in this world just survive until you reach the apex. And before I forget it will be an extremely difficult life for the …

  • Holy Crusaders

    Holy Crusaders


    In a small and isolated town. Was home to a group of teenagers with extraordinary power. No one knows how their power came to be, but all they understand …

  • The Devil and the Huntsman

    The Devil and the Huntsman


    A MEDIEVAL DARK FANTASY SERIES A great darkness is in the earth and supernatural forces are gathering around to take action and take over the world. The people believe that …

  • The Secret Switch

    The Secret Switch


    Valerie's twin brother puts their entire family in trouble so, in order to save them all, Valerie steps up and takes her brother's place. She tries her best to …