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  • Hellbound With You

    Hellbound With You


    [WARNING: THIS NOVEL IS R-18]"I love you, despite the danger signs."....“Little lamb, let me tell you this. You’re standing before the gates of hell right now. Doing this means …

  • Our Mighty Crusaders

    Our Mighty Crusaders


    Hi there, please read Fate; Unlasting and add to collection. Thanks. Time is of the essence Magic runs supreme in this brutal fantasy world, and not all is straight forward. Follow …

  • Corruption Hack

    Corruption Hack


    There is a simulation in a computer running a test on a world that someone created. During this test, a rogue programmer broke into the game and forced the …

  • Romania 5th Hunter Team (Hiatus)

    Romania 5th Hunter Team (Hiatus)


    A young girl named Lydia, who is now in high school, 9th grade, was attacked last year by a werewolf and almost made her werewolf, but one guy, helps …

  • To Dance With Demons-Madness at Every Turn!

    To Dance With Demons-Madness at Every Turn!


    Who would've thought having pretty eyes could be a curse? Certainly not Kocho Ryosei—or as he prefers to go by as a Japanese American, Ryosei Mors. Ryosei has …

  • Space Mage of the Qi World

    Space Mage of the Qi World


    He reincarnates into a vicious world where the law of the jungle prevades. Due to past regrets and feuds, he defies fate and tries to return back to his home. It …

  • The Prophesied Calamity

    The Prophesied Calamity


    "I'll be the catastrophe they so direly want to prevent!" Akuro, a traumatized boy who just wants a peaceful life finding himself enthralled by death, accepts the powers of a …

  • The Machiavellian

    The Machiavellian


    A group of fools in a cafe on just the wrong day before just the wrong person. Death? Death was inevitable. It was Pain where the question remained. Organized crime, …

  • Flowergild



    Shroud Power Plants. Long had passed since such a name caused a scandal. The inventor was a scientist who was often called delusional, but he never denied these claims. …

  • Alicaine Chronicles: Roselyn Knight

    Alicaine Chronicles: Roselyn Knight


    *Excerpt*: “Submit.” A soothing, male voice crooned inside the girl’s mind. Ice wrapped around her legs and reached up along her body. With every passing second, her chance of victory …

  • God Must Be Lazy He Allowed a Cultivation Anomaly

    God Must Be Lazy He Allowed a Cultivation Anomaly


    Novel is currently paused for proofreading. I am working on the second volume and estimated next upload is August or earlier. I am not a professional writer so I …

  • the dark side

    the dark side


    the story consists of a group of individuals who were the elite of the armed forces of their world which is on the verge of collapse, they are chosen …

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