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  • A Hymn of Blood and Curses

    A Hymn of Blood and Curses


    Life is hard for those who prophesy death... The remains of blood magery dominate Esther’s life on two fronts. On one hand, she is a conservator; an indentured servant who …

  • The Rare Blood

    The Rare Blood


    DARK ROMANCE, DAILY UPDATES. Explicit 21+ "I Hate You!... every single thing in you, your hair, your face, your guts everything... I fucking loathe you" I yelled while angry tears rolled …

  • The Dagasi Saga

    The Dagasi Saga


    Brown eyes turned to grey. The gods that respond and the gods that are silent. The preservation of order and the maintenance of the status quo has been …

  • Guardians of Light

    Guardians of Light


    A boy name Lea Ruby sets out to save the world from massive destruction he sets out to find what he can fight and protect as his destiny had …

  • The Hangedman

    The Hangedman


    Edmund Philip Whitescar sells his soul to a demon prince. Only at the age of 5 years old. To become stronger he had to his family. Then he is …

  • Eternal Battlegrounds

    Eternal Battlegrounds


    In the Year 2048, The Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game called, 'Phantom Star Online' successfully completed it's thirty years of release. To celebrate the grand event, The company which …

  • The Dolor Chronicle

    The Dolor Chronicle


    Don't let the low number of chapters fool you. I have been working on this book for years and I have tons of content. You can expect regular updates …

  • The Last Demon Slayer

    The Last Demon Slayer


    A loud banging sound could be heard from the trunk of an old car that was parked inside an abandoned warehouse. The inhumane rocking of the car was accompanied by …

  • Atharia’s Assassin Academy

    Atharia’s Assassin Academy


    Involuntarily placed in a school that turns people into assassins in order to invade the neighbouring countries, Luna is not exactly the happiest person in the world. She is …

  • Rebirth:Son of Lucifer

    Rebirth:Son of Lucifer


    James, a high schooler in his senior year is running late for school. Just a normal kid wanting to pass school. After a series of events, he is now …

  • Thus, my Otherworldly Journey Begins

    Thus, my Otherworldly Journey Begins


    Long ago there existed three sisterly deities that bestowed the world with life. The youngest of the three, Atelia, granted knowledge. The middle one, Phila, granted willpower. The eldest, …

  • Undetermined



    You will either die a hero, or live long enough to watch as the corruption of the world eats away at your sanity, birthing a heinous villain. Four people …

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