Easter Fantasy

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3 Novels
  • Unfathomable Patriarch

    Unfathomable Patriarch


    //The story was moved here, put it in fan-fics by mistake, sorry for the inconvenience// It all started after I received that weird email... What? Click the boxes to select the …

  • Divine Beast Ascension

    Divine Beast Ascension


    ***3 CHAPTERS EVERY DAY, 9:00 AM (MST-ARIZONA)*** _-_-_-_ Book 2 of 6 within the Quillverse _-_-_-_ Quillverse Discord: https://discord.gg/akzn9SM5k9 Oli looked up and was surprised to see that he wasn’t alone. “Netra, …

  • The Card Master System

    The Card Master System


    What happens when you wake up in another world completely different from your own? After committing suicide from being so weak in his past life, Leo woke up in where …