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12 Novels
  • An Identity Beyond Self

    An Identity Beyond Self


    When he first realised he had a second chance at life, Simon Rainglow was ecstatic. After his failure of a first life, he reformed himself and lived in a …

  • Rose Against The Heavens

    Rose Against The Heavens


    Rose, a broken doll tossed out into the world with the carelessness befitting her status below humans. However, acquiring a power beyond what she should be able, she fights …

  • Rise of Apocalyptic World

    Rise of Apocalyptic World


    Silver, apprentice of the court physician (his father) must survive on the outside world after the people of his village were attacked and murdered. He now joins the Hunter …

  • Lo Recant, The Rise of The Dragon King

    Lo Recant, The Rise of The Dragon King


    Dragons, the zenith of evolution at the planet of Zerkrum. The gods strongest creation, only beaten by their masterpiece the humans. What will happen if an outsider comes to …

  • The Omni Mage

    The Omni Mage


    Trailer: https://youtu.be/dL5r_kg-oF4 At the Academy of Avalair, a young mage tinkers with magic far beyond her comprehension. Unbeknownst to her, a single experiment would pave the way for a new …

  • The Lady of Stone

    The Lady of Stone


    Lizbeth, a young survivalist, dies in a landslide. For her it was like falling asleep and when she wakes up she finds that she has become a rock and …

  • Retainers



    Nero has lived in the Shuri Forest his entire life. Thanks to a bear with an unending appetite and a high profile assassin, he is kicked out of house …




    Archer has always known what is expected of him. He accepts to be betrothed to a woman, he doesn't know, for the sake of the kingdom. An alliance …

  • Heaven Asunder

    Heaven Asunder


    This novel is about the journey of the greatest being ever created, closest to the creator himself, discovering his utmost desire, and pursuing it against all odds even though …

  • Land of the Gods

    Land of the Gods


    A dying Earth filled with remnants of humanity after going through many wars and conflicts all because of the sudden advent of a mysterious energy known as the Prima. …

  • Saga of the Jewels

    Saga of the Jewels


    A JRPG in novel form. Star Wars in Middle Earth. Heavily influenced by Final Fantasy games.

  • Let Me Find You~

    Let Me Find You~


    His icy blue eyes seem like they're boring into my soul. I shiver from the closeness and take a step back, only to realise my back is pressed against …