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6 Novels



    "Ding~ Dong ~! Congratulations! You are the 1 millionth player. One of the lucky chosen ones who has been given the rights to become a gamer and the last …

  • The Legends Of The Unturned

    The Legends Of The Unturned


    Meet Sanders, a young man attempting to survive in the world of Unturned. Discover as he learns to survive against the odds, from mistaking glue as a drink, to …

  • The Magikah

    The Magikah


    Elixa was raised as a homeless person on the Isle of Meghan. Cared for and mentored by Ragwood; a disgraced knight-captain to the Order of Magikah. A faction of …

  • Humane



    Name: Yuuri. Age: 14 Born to a South Korean mother and a Japanese father, is being forced to fight in a war for Japan against Korea. Yuuri is semi-handsome with Blazing …

  • Nightmare Survival

    Nightmare Survival


    Marlin Subaru Smith was a high school basketball player that has a Japanese mother and an American father. Having experienced both of their cultures embedded in his genes, he …

  • Warfare Between Lost Hearts

    Warfare Between Lost Hearts


    During the long awaited war crisis in Manila, every legal-aged inhabitant, specifically voters, are required to work for the government in order to reestablish the living land and battle …