Fantacy adventure

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11 Novels
  • Secret Blood

    Secret Blood


    Before I knew it... I was running. I was running as fast as I could, to get away. I had to get away. I couldn't stay here any longer. …

  • Moon Gate Guardian

    Moon Gate Guardian


    Calculating, cold, and cruel. Chiri Krane is the infamously detestable witch imaginable. Despised by her peers and cast out from her family. She is a criminal, bound to the …

  • Treasures of Valeria

    Treasures of Valeria


    Thousands of years ago, there was once a great civilization, an ancient race of powerful beings called The Valerians. Now, it became a mere legend and it's greatness became …

  • Soul Stealer

    Soul Stealer


    The year is 2140 on earth, just a few years after a meteorite struck the earth causing substantial changes in the way of life for its inhabitants. Soul, a …

  • The Magic of Irina

    The Magic of Irina


    They hold each other gaze. The one gazed awkwardly and the other one gazed coldly. “Who are you?” Irina noticed his puzzled look. “Oh, I’m sorry. Where’re my manner. My …

  • CENTRAL KHAOS – Bestial Sprits

    CENTRAL KHAOS – Bestial Sprits


    Fracis and Henry are two aspiring knights traveling the world with their master Ser Gustav de Aramor. On one of his trips the master dies of old age, leaving …

  • EYE PRINCESS (Evil is the end)
  • Journey Of Red-Eye

    Journey Of Red-Eye


    Edword died on the new year night when he tried to save someone. Instead of reincarnating he was given a choice to become the strongest in a different world …

  • The Last Dragon Keeper Book 1

    The Last Dragon Keeper Book 1


    James, a ten year old boy discovers he is the last of his kind and embarks on a journey to bond with his dragon. but their are some who …

  • Rise of Almighty

    Rise of Almighty


    In a world where cultivation became a thing of the past except some traces, Mark Henry was thrown after the modern earth got destroyed. Mark Henry has to adapt …

  • Princess Malia’s Secret

    Princess Malia’s Secret


    For Malia Blaze her way of life is almost perfect, her parents love and adore her, but they are super strict and overprotective. On her 18th birthday they turn …