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    Arin Miyawaki, a Microbiologist living her dream life in Seoul gets involved with a mysterious beautiful lady, only to realise she's been trapped for the trade of her soul. …

  • Redemption: The Tale Of The Broken King

    Redemption: The Tale Of The Broken King


    In the long established Empire of Huma, there lies a broken king, destroyed by the very thing he tried to protect. Can Argent really restrore the country his great …

  • Memoirs of The QUEEN

    Memoirs of The QUEEN


    I never knew my Life was in danger until I met him.. His intoxicating smile, his delicious aroma, his cunning web of lies and deceit were enough to make your …

  • Sirens Before Night Falls

    Sirens Before Night Falls


    In a world where the night is plagued with man-eating monsters called Stained Souls, three sirens warn the people of their arrival. A world where cloaked figures called Exorcists dance …

  • Identity [ I ]

    Identity [ I ]


    For Nyx, abilities were a blessing but when she is her true self- Raven Mystique they were curses. She has been living dual lives, Nyx as the Superspy as …

  • Solstice of Lies- An Asowald Magic Saga

    Solstice of Lies- An Asowald Magic Saga


    Hello my dear readers! I am currently back and ready to go! This is my newest novel! Please leave a review, it'll help so much! Thank you, the …

  • Four Hunters

    Four Hunters


    Four names; Rook, Jango, Theron, and Tizane. Hunters, adversaries to the immortals of Heaven, Hell, Olympus, and more. These are the people who hunt down supernatural creatures and kill …

  • His White Wolf

    His White Wolf


    Series of deaths in his life has left him a suspect to the police, a pity in the small town and hollow inside with nothing, not even numbness to …

  • Maybe Death Hurts Less Than A Life

    Maybe Death Hurts Less Than A Life


    He was a sinner and she was his salvation. Born as the hybrid, he had no place where he belonged to. He was …

  • The Elemental Saviors

    The Elemental Saviors


    Who's Atashia? Oh that's right, the leader of the prophecy. When she faces this prophecy, and her unbearable fate, she'll find pain... but many friends.

  • silent sea

    silent sea


    Two brothers from Algeria, formerly Ayala Algeria, the state that supported the Ottoman Empire for centuries, but with the appearance of an old curse in Ali's life who …

  • Evaar: The Pride

    Evaar: The Pride


    Follow Roan and his two children, Esther and Ethan as they find a loved one who was thought to be lost. Immerse yourself in Evaar as this trio …

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