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  • The Wrathful Lily

    The Wrathful Lily


    [Wake… flower maiden, for your life is not over, and has only begun] [Wake… and see the world around you and set foot in life… for better… or for worse] *The …

  • Memories Like a Dagger

    Memories Like a Dagger


    “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” - Anonymous ... Kalani’s only unique aspect in life: being pecked daily by his …

  • Other-Worldly



    Other Worldly takes place in a fantasy world were the chosen one, thought to be dead has come back and is ready to help the world back on its …

  • From a Different Angle

    From a Different Angle


    Gabriel is a man who lived a simple life with a 9-5 job at an office, where time flew by and life seemed meaningless to him. He did not …

  • Era Of The Kobold

    Era Of The Kobold


    All he wanted was to spend his life gaming. Samuel was an absolute nerd when it came to video games, and he did not care about it in the …

  • Accidental Harem: Let’s Kiss Again!

    Accidental Harem: Let’s Kiss Again!


    "Wh-who the hell are you and why are you kissing me!?" With Aranea backing away as she hid her lips with her forearm, the blue-haired man who came out of …

  • Redemption: The Tale Of The Broken King

    Redemption: The Tale Of The Broken King


    In the long established Empire of Huma, there lies a broken king, destroyed by the very thing he tried to protect. Can Argent really restrore the country his great …

  • Is it right to love an ancient Prince? [BL]

    Is it right to love an ancient Prince? [BL]


    Ren is an ordinary Engineering student studying in a top university One day his world change when he was accidentally summoned by a young Prince Lucas in an ancient …

  • Amaya In Another World (Am I In Another World?)

    Amaya In Another World (Am I In Another World?)


    Amaya is a girl who had been followed by misfortune since birth. Through a chain of unlucky event, she loses her job and goes home in a fit of …

  • The Day The World Got A Leveling System

    The Day The World Got A Leveling System


    Earth was once normal planet. An alternate world where dangerous creatures existed, collided with our world and as a result, those same creature began existing here. People suddenly found …

  • Zion Rippers

    Zion Rippers


    Succeeding the events of a mysterious incident known as Genesis, humans must now face new difficulties with the appearance of other races and several other mysteries. This story follows …

  • The Undisputed king

    The Undisputed king


    In a version of the Earth where a new phenomenon known as “ dungeons “ plague the earth and threatens its existence. Everything has become blurry, slayers , monsters …

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