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13 Novels
  • Adventures of a normal human

    Adventures of a normal human


    In a era where anything is possible and everyone is now not human anymore, there is one being who for some reason is still human. This is his tale …

  • Era Of The Kobold

    Era Of The Kobold


    All he wanted was to spend his life gaming. Samuel was an absolute nerd when it came to video games, and he did not care about it in the …




    [ ONGOING ] Have you ever wondered what would happen if one day you woke up and come to know from a mysterious letter that you have just 30 days …

  • So Near Yet So Far

    So Near Yet So Far


    She thinks life will never give her a chance of being happy and she'll never find love but this time it comes at her door step. Life gives her …

  • Quietus Wolf

    Quietus Wolf


    Niklaus [Knee-ck-Louse] is a werewolf who has been living in captivity for the past 9 years and finally gets a chance to escape and find his way back home …

  • Ruined World

    Ruined World


    I want to write a cool synopsis, but as I'm not competent enough, here you go: In a distant world where no flora or fauna existed– in a world consumed …

  • The Forgotten World (Book #1)

    The Forgotten World (Book #1)


    16-year-old Lyraa Edwards has been gifted the ability of destruction. Thrown into an unfamiliar world, she must fight with magic if she's to survive.

  • The Wolf in sheep’s clothing

    The Wolf in sheep’s clothing


    Guai is a wolf unable to shift, Because of that guai was thrown from the pack after deemed as useless into the mortal plane. There she spent two years …

  • Uniting The Species

    Uniting The Species


    This book is set in a world not so different from ours, the only difference being that there are no cell phones and the internet, only mail sent the …

  • Aiden and the Scroll of no man’s land

    Aiden and the Scroll of no man’s land


    Aiden is a boy who lives in the village that loathes him? Is it because of the way he looks? Or is there something more to his past? He …

  • Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor

    Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor


    “My journey through Varlaurea continent had lead me to a charming old temple, situated in the middle of a lush, emerald green bamboo forest. After sightseeing around the temple …

  • That Sad Girl

    That Sad Girl


    This is the story of a sad girl and her path to find the end to her sadness :) will she be able to do it ? Maybe someone …

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