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4 Novels
  • On My Way: The Demon King Made Me His

    On My Way: The Demon King Made Me His


    WPC #135 Silver Tier Winner The clash between the heaven and hell has been nonstop. The fine line between the life and death has been serious and invisible. The …

  • Witch Are You?

    Witch Are You?


    Caroline is a smart young woman thrust into a dangerous new world when she falls from an apple tree one day under suspicious circumstances. While navigating a dangerous foreign …

  • The Devil And His Lover

    The Devil And His Lover


    The byung family are known to be the Devil's descendants. When the only daughter of Lord byun-woo get married to the king the whole court becomes one big mess

  • Narrator: Keen

    Narrator: Keen


    #WFP#17 THIRD PLACE WINNER thank you for supporting Narrator: Keen. let's go through this journey together. ****Warning: Contains matured content.**** No Rape or Erotic. "Where am I?" Asaya of the other world asked "In …