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13 Novels
  • The Sin of Upsiden – [BL/YAOI]

    The Sin of Upsiden – [BL/YAOI]


    If I knew that I was to be misled and deceived, I wouldn't have stuck with you like you were my red string. *cough* but alas, it is too late. …

  • Drakes Air

    Drakes Air


    A world where mythical creatures ruled the land. Where humans and magic beings sometimes worked harmoniously together, and other times, not. A world where spirits could be helpers of …

  • Curse of the Dragon’s Blood

    Curse of the Dragon’s Blood


    Torn from his comfortable life, his love and even his World; Kaleb is forced to a dangerous reality due to his lineage of Dragon's blood. In this new World …

  • Princess and the Slave

    Princess and the Slave


    Regan a young eighteen girl who was sold by her family to a slave trader was sent into the Armeilia kingdom to be experimented until she dies, when she …

  • Blissful Sorrows

    Blissful Sorrows


    There are two divided lands; those who use dark magic, and those who use light magic. No one has ever heard of anyone even talking to someone of …

  • Kalui



    - Human beings are divided into four types, namely: Elementals, Fortifiers, Metamorphic and those who do not have powers are pejoratively called …

  • Transcend Time

    Transcend Time


    VOLUME 1 (ONGOING) Two angels fell in love during their last moments alive. A tragic ending. Then a rebirth. Join Eris and Daylon on their journey to discover who they truly are …

  • Death Rising

    Death Rising


    Frank, an ordinary skeleton, just so happens to experience a life changing chain of events. Can he stop himself from giving into the darkness or will the hate consu- …

  • Shallow Dimensions

    Shallow Dimensions


    Touma has never been outside the walls. The place he has lived in all his life is not a home, but a prison. Until he finds the ability to …

  • Phoenix Phire

    Phoenix Phire


    Nicholas Phire was sentenced to life in prison without any possibility of parole. Because of the mercy of a lonely prison guard, a new world is presented to …

  • WhatsApp



    The story isn't always something that we imagine or think about it from the cover. We have to dive-in.

  • EGO!



    After a mysterious battle with an unknown figure named Gabriel, Axel a tough, tall, no shits given guy wakes up in another world with his memories and right eye …

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