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16 Novels
  • Sight – A Phoenix Story

    Sight – A Phoenix Story


    Rose is a supernaturally unique character in that, she can read the truth of anyone or anything through a simple touch. Nothing escapes her sight. But her powers are …

  • Contract Killer The Vow to my Goddess

    Contract Killer The Vow to my Goddess


    After receiving a special blessing from the Goddess of Knowledge, Sixteen-Year-Old Kian became one of many Heavenly Assassins for the gods and began hunting down Targets at their will …

  • System Of The Vampire

    System Of The Vampire


    I heaved a sign of relief crash on my bed , I started thinking of how horrible my day was. I was always bullied neglected and all sorts of …




    Arin Miyawaki, a Microbiologist living her dream life in Seoul gets involved with a mysterious beautiful lady, only to realise she's been trapped for the trade of her soul. …

  • When Two World’s Colide

    When Two World’s Colide


    Sophie knew she didn't belong. Her family had lied to her and she needed answers. What she learns shocks her to her core. Now she scrambles to put the …

  • Moonshade



    Hidden from the ignorant eyes of the people, in a world protected by their ancestors, the lycans thrive in a community of their own making. For hundreds of years …

  • Child of Gaia

    Child of Gaia


    What would you do when all the stories that you were told as a kid were true? What would you also do when you suddenly wake up after a …

  • Redemption: The Tale Of The Broken King

    Redemption: The Tale Of The Broken King


    In the long established Empire of Huma, there lies a broken king, destroyed by the very thing he tried to protect. Can Argent really restrore the country his great …

  • The Witch Kingdom

    The Witch Kingdom


    Nyraen Avalon has made a mistake. After failing a mission her father, the King of Ethele sent her and her sisters on, they are exiled to the mortal lands to …

  • Conspire With The Demon Beast

    Conspire With The Demon Beast


    Being provoked by a co-member of an occult club, Evren, a smart student that believes in demons never thought to conspire with a demon beast after accidentally opening the …

  • Memoirs of The QUEEN

    Memoirs of The QUEEN


    I never knew my Life was in danger until I met him.. His intoxicating smile, his delicious aroma, his cunning web of lies and deceit were enough to make your …

  • Maidens Of Dusk

    Maidens Of Dusk


    Hazelle found happiness in their simple, provincial life in San Marcelino. However, she was riddled with separation anxiety because of her younger twin sister, Kamille, who seemed too eager …

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