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25 Novels
  • Kiss Of Death: Soul-Sucking Temptress

    Kiss Of Death: Soul-Sucking Temptress


    "Please make me yours... that is all I asked." I whimpered over to him seductively, little does he know that it's the last thing he will ever hear. Meghan Hastings …

  • Promises Are Forever

    Promises Are Forever


    Seventeen year old Mabel Coleman leaves the city and moves to town with her mom. Broken from a painful past, she refuses to let her guard down once again. …

  • System Of Gene Apocalypse

    System Of Gene Apocalypse


    It is the story of Jack, a scientist. He was in the central prison of Gettykark, for killing his girlfriend. In this prison, a new prisoner came after 2 …

  • Kuroyoru The Midnight Tale Vol. 1: The Reason And The Will

    Kuroyoru The Midnight Tale Vol. 1: The Reason And The Will


    Takes place in a mythological world where Fables and Mortals live. The tale is about a young man who is a Demon who goes on a journey to find …

  • Perverted Academy

    Perverted Academy


    Nadia, a young girl whose life hasn't been easy; growing up in an orphanage without knowing anything about her parents resulted in an emotional deficiency. Luckily for Nadia, Sister Helena …

  • HEAVEN lies in their HEARTS

    HEAVEN lies in their HEARTS


    Hello there! I'm FARIHA AFROSE. This is my first novel writing! A story where Stella, a teenager who has love & hatred for the same person falls in love …

  • I Accidentally Made Worlds Collide

    I Accidentally Made Worlds Collide


    Slave 434 was his first name. All he knew was life under the cave. Without any hope for this life after his mother was beaten to death. He used …

  • The Unconventional Love

    The Unconventional Love


    This novel is named 'the unconventional love' for the reason because everything in this novel goes contrary to what happens in a normal love story. Through twist and turns, …

  • Is This First Love?

    Is This First Love?


    A lonely highschool teenager has been bullied all her life, so she expects the worst when she meets the new bad boy in school. But to her surprise, he …

  • Red the Werewolf Slayer

    Red the Werewolf Slayer


    For centuries, billions of different species have cohabited the Earth in peace through the Frontera System. Rue is only nineteen when she and five other members of the Zunbera-xefi: …

  • Ocean & Gods

    Ocean & Gods


    Gods are only the belief of some. Those that witness the power, become servants or disciples. For others, they become lovers and mates. For one, the god of the …

  • Defining Evil

    Defining Evil


    MeiAnne just wanted to see her world, but what she found was eye opening. Luaecia is a world of dragons, but they are not what you have to worry about. …

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