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  • Hellbound With You

    Hellbound With You


    [WARNING: THIS NOVEL IS R-18]"I love you, despite the danger signs."....“Little lamb, let me tell you this. You’re standing before the gates of hell right now. Doing this means …

  • The Dragon Lord’s Lover

    The Dragon Lord’s Lover


    Self-doubt, the true limitation any potential Kalil has ever had in her. As a struggling healer fighting to get herself recognized and realize what her parents had always dreamed …

  • When Perfection Fell

    When Perfection Fell


    173J is a demon, soul collector from the Underworld who falls in love with a woman named Hannah. She is forbidden from him because she is human... she also …

  • Palace Life: The Rings of Secrets

    Palace Life: The Rings of Secrets


    In a post-apocalypse world, the world has finally resettled back to societies. The catch- the evolution chains had sped up. New species and new races have emerged since the …

  • Cara The Strongest Witch

    Cara The Strongest Witch


    Cara is a simple young woman, she is hardworking and sweet. She grew up in the care of the family of her best friend, Theo. Her life was the …

  • Marionette of Fate

    Marionette of Fate


    Ophelia, a naturally witty girl, known for beauty is recruited to be the lady-in-waiting for the Princess. But unbeknown to her, the palace and the whole aristocratic faction is …

  • Apple and Oats

    Apple and Oats


    This story is about Gods, mystical creature spirits, love, politics, Ancient races, revenge and justice. I think.... heres a few paragraphs from different chapters! "He looked at me with his …

  • The Secrets Of The Cursed World

    The Secrets Of The Cursed World


    Once upon a time, there was a kingdom known as Astrea. Shivanshi who was the third princess of this lively empire was living happily until one day - a …

  • Zenar 24

    Zenar 24


    Ava Kalesidia lost her memories. Well, that and she is getting bored. The only thing that brings life to her world is Mye. Mye Destin struggles with her social …

  • Shadow Dance

    Shadow Dance


    As last born of her family's line, Vampire Princess Aemelia Bai Ven is the Vampire Kingdom's little Princess and the Vampire's treasured heir apparent. It is her father who …

  • That Thing For Sure Called Love

    That Thing For Sure Called Love


    First Story :D Choose your team! It is either #teamJaiDen or #teamZiDen While having a normal life with just two best-friends, Zion came as the third one and everything about Kaiden's …

  • Legend of the Blue Phoenix

    Legend of the Blue Phoenix


    A LEGEND… Phoenixes never die. They are reborn by raising from the ashes of their ancestors. Hai Nu Shen is a phoenix worshipped by the people of Borya. She was reborn …

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