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5 Novels
  • What Page are you on, Mr. Male Lead

    What Page are you on, Mr. Male Lead


    She looked at her with a contempting look, her red heels clicking on the ground. A sinister smile is plastered on her face full of malice. "Whatever you do, he's …

  • The Peculiar Morass

    The Peculiar Morass


    Do you believe that a person can be reincarnated with the same soul but different body. Two souls have met and hated each other on their past life. Bounded …

  • Ocean & Gods

    Ocean & Gods


    Gods are only the belief of some. Those that witness the power, become servants or disciples. For others, they become lovers and mates. For one, the god of the …

  • Transcend Time

    Transcend Time


    VOLUME 1 (ONGOING) Two angels fell in love during their last moments alive. A tragic ending. Then a rebirth. Join Eris and Daylon on their journey to discover who they truly are …

  • Part Wolf

    Part Wolf


    WARNING: This is not a typical werewolf novel. It contains other supernatural entities as well. Keep your popcorns ready, because major drama is waiting for you! GLIMPSES (P.S. Contains spoilers, …