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  • The NPC Ana

    The NPC Ana


    " With every good Innkeeper, Comes an amazing story of a Hero. " - Ana, The Innkeeper Ana is an innkeeper of Rusty Stein tavern in a village north of …

  • The Royal Detective

    The Royal Detective


    After failing a mission, along with losing Lia, Louis became to ashamed to hold his tittle as a Royal Knight. He felt as if he wasn't worthy, so he …

  • Remanu The Ruler of Heart

    Remanu The Ruler of Heart


    Remanu, a young man who was given a second chance at life with Xavier's heart. He experienced living in a parallel world while meditating. His step was too far that …

  • Alchemic Revolution

    Alchemic Revolution


    What if you were given the power of hope? To transcend over the oppressions of your enemies? To liberate the world from the chains of destruction? And what if you were in …

  • The Other Side: Magia Realm

    The Other Side: Magia Realm


    Welcome to Magia Academy, where students get educated to become the best mages of the Magia Realm. This is a prestigious place where 'incidents' do not exist. It would …

  • The Sin of Upsiden – [BL/YAOI]

    The Sin of Upsiden – [BL/YAOI]


    If I knew that I was to be misled and deceived, I wouldn't have stuck with you like you were my red string. *cough* but alas, it is too late. …

  • The Psychic Bond: Love Between Two Worlds

    The Psychic Bond: Love Between Two Worlds


    Not everyone believes in invisible powers, other dimensions, parallel worlds, magic. How would one when they hadn’t witnessed something like that before? Fiona Hall has been living a luxurious, happy …

  • How to Kill a Demon Queen

    How to Kill a Demon Queen


    A timid, indecisive empress named Azuli is transferred to another world in the body of a young half demon boy who was married to a cruel, merciless demon queen …




    Marcus Wayne an unassuming orphan who was abused in his home and school. but after crossing all the hurdles and becoming an adult. he vied for his freedom from …

  • A Tale of the Called

    A Tale of the Called


    In a world of magic and sword, a young sorceress whose family was exiled by the king 200 years ago is now the first in generations who can return …

  • Drakes Air

    Drakes Air


    A world where mythical creatures ruled the land. Where humans and magic beings sometimes worked harmoniously together, and other times, not. A world where spirits could be helpers of …

  • Psycho Re:Connect

    Psycho Re:Connect


    This isn't a romance novel it is a adventure novel. I don't know why but it won't change? What are dreams? The question we always ask ourselves. Can they come true …

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