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6 Novels
  • HellBorn: Red Devil

    HellBorn: Red Devil


    HellBorn duology: Book 1 The year is 3682. World War III, a bloody war birthed from paranoia, has ended. Supernatural creatures now coexist with humans, albeit tensely. The world is …

  • HellBorn: Prince of Shadows

    HellBorn: Prince of Shadows


    HellBorn duology: Book 2 Five years after Damien’s death, Kitty has been fulfilling his role as Nyuujaku. On a mission gone wrong, he’s reunited with someone he never expected to …

  • Colour sky

    Colour sky


    Where a 19 year old boy finds himself in an unknown place while wanting to change the most loved and hated word: Equality. Will he be able to achieve …

  • Ian’s Road to Eden

    Ian’s Road to Eden


    There is a young man named Ian who has a secret that he doesn't share with others. He will be moving into a dorm at his University. To escape …

  • Bad Weather

    Bad Weather


    Heartbreak is hard. Whether you watch the one you love fade or walk away, the feeling of losing someone you love cannot be rivaled. Facing existential trials, questions about love, life, …

  • Collateral



    Jake is young, wild, and runs with his brother's bad-ass gang. But he has a secret he needs to hide. When he is saved from a rival gang by …