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17 Novels
  • What His Highness’ Birds Won’t Tell You [BL]

    What His Highness’ Birds Won’t Tell You [BL]


    Life as a British noble was fine. But Evan has a secret. In the middle of his college years, his parents arrange a wedding between him and a noble lady …

  • Rainbow soul

    Rainbow soul


    We are born alone and die alone, but what if there is a possibility of returning to earth after death? Does it matter that you are born of a …

  • His sweet sin

    His sweet sin


    Blue Ivan is a 22 yrs old man who is just trying to make ends meet and chase his dream of being a big-time star, but things get messed …

  • Defying Fate for you (MXM)

    Defying Fate for you (MXM)


    BoysLove Novel Zain Wittezn who is well aware of holding the heart of the gorgeous, powerful and possessive Prince , Edous Kin Derron, knows better than to let him …

  • [BL] You’re the best, Secretary Andrew!

    [BL] You’re the best, Secretary Andrew!


    From hating his boss to fake dating his boss. What could go wrong? Secretary Andrew is intelligent, he’s resourceful, he’s handsome, and an overall perfect secretary. While his boss, Allen …

  • For Three Weeks Only

    For Three Weeks Only


    Phillip volunteers to go to the United States for a 3 week long course on a new virus that the scientific community has recently discovered but his friends and …

  • The Crown’s Flower

    The Crown’s Flower


    A fairytail framed in flowers, war and a love that fairytails miss to acknowledge. A prince feeling helpless and alone as the kingdom is threatened with war. Only the …

  • What A Man Gotta Do

    What A Man Gotta Do


    Gray is gay. Ozzie is not. But why does it seem like Ozzie is falling and Gray is not?

  • New Life: New Beginnings

    New Life: New Beginnings


    For the last two years, Kane has been dreaming of the day when his mate finally turns 18 and they can finally claim each other. However, his world suddenly …

  • A Moment With You

    A Moment With You


    In the kingdom of Wanes, a family of four, the royal family, faces a disturbing fight against someone within the family. The fight was only happening because people didn't …

  • Pink Robes

    Pink Robes


    A world where your class is based on the color of your robes, and your country is the only one left after global warming. A boy, of the highest …

  • Ice Breaker

    Ice Breaker


    William Grace never wanted to attend Blackwell Academy: a school for the elite, let alone return to the world of figure-skating. He just wanted to help his father run …

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