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7 Novels
  • Reborn in a Romance Game

    Reborn in a Romance Game


    I, Misaki, was reborn as a 'Capture Target', whatever that is. I didn't wish for this. It just happened. The world was inside a game. I can still my little …

  • Rebirth of Claudius Granger – HP Fanfic –

    Rebirth of Claudius Granger – HP Fanfic –


    This begin with a young college Art graduate named Iris Monroe, who woke up in the world of j.k rowling; Harry Potter, and don't forget being almost close to …

  • My Succubus System

    My Succubus System


    After awakening in a new world a young man changes his life drastically by becoming a busty, lust craving succubus? Adventia, world of fantasy, where adventurer classes of all types …

  • Oneshot: magical melancholy

    Oneshot: magical melancholy


    'Do you... Desire power?' 'Yes, I desire... To blow away this loneliness' 'Then this should be perfect.' '...?'

  • Advent of Blood and Ice

    Advent of Blood and Ice


    Heroes and Villains from the past start reappearing, but now they all seem to be acting strangely. For unknown reasons, several people wake up in a new world, each …

  • Grotesque Lord

    Grotesque Lord


    Derygortheus lived his life in pain and agony for 10 years having spent his days having his divine energy and talent completely drained and fed into his sister. Watch …

  • My Rebirth into a NobleWoman Despite My Good Life.

    My Rebirth into a NobleWoman Despite My Good Life.


    Our main character Akatsuki Shino was a man who had everything he could ever want, or more accurately he had obtained it through hard work over the last five …