High fantasy

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18 Novels
  • The Master of Names

    The Master of Names


    The modern world of magic has moved on. Magic of old no longer allowed in the new age. Deemed too barbaric for the contemporary world, magic skills and formulae …

  • War, Elements, and Magic

    War, Elements, and Magic


    Despite years and years of conflict, and deaths reaching beyond what the mind can even fathom, the world continues to wage war amongst themselves. Those in power seem to …

  • The Omni Mage

    The Omni Mage


    Trailer: https://youtu.be/dL5r_kg-oF4 At the Academy of Avalair, a young mage tinkers with magic far beyond her comprehension. Unbeknownst to her, a single experiment would pave the way for a new …

  • Ruins of Dalághast

    Ruins of Dalághast


    In this fantasy adventure, a group of plunder hungry blades for hire running low on their luck and in search of their fortunes set out to seek the fabled, …

  • Earth’s Alpha Prime

    Earth’s Alpha Prime


    [System is assimilating Earth with the rest of the Vast Universe.] [A Trial Program is needed for an efficient assimilation and for that data needs to be recorded from 1111 …

  • Kalui



    - Human beings are divided into four types, namely: Elementals, Fortifiers, Metamorphic and those who do not have powers are pejoratively called …

  • Reborn as the Founder’s Descendant, Bringing Change

    Reborn as the Founder’s Descendant, Bringing Change


    "The world has a mystery hidden that not science can't be solved immediately. Things like "next life after current life" and "Island Out of Time or In Sea …

  • God´s Eyes

    God´s Eyes


    Jason lost his parent early on and he had to survive in a world he couldn´t even see... Living in the age of martial arts and soul bonds under the …

  • Vengeful: Mysteries of Mana

    Vengeful: Mysteries of Mana


    The underground world below Duramas remains a last home to many who have no home anywhere among the surface. Though the depths of Vy’es Dela’ramar are wrought with trials, …

  • .The Realm.

    .The Realm.


    In this world the good guy doesn't beat the villain, in fact there isn't even good or bad. In this world there are only two beings, the all-encompassing darkness …

  • Wizard Tournament: Humans Need Not Apply

    Wizard Tournament: Humans Need Not Apply


    Draevin the elf is a top contender in the annual wizard tournament, he's even won a few times. In all his years he's never seen a human enter. Can …

  • The Making Of A Wizard

    The Making Of A Wizard


    "We are the Sentinels. We protect Humanity from threats outside and within. We search for the truths of the world. We worship no god, only knowledge. We wield great …

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