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  • Partner Of A Beauty

    Partner Of A Beauty


    A child from a family of disgrace that lives in fear until her final breath, generates an alluring friendship with a beauty. A beauty that may have been watching …

  • Kuro Tsumi – Overcome Death

    Kuro Tsumi – Overcome Death


    In Spire, death doesn't have to be the end. Kuro Tsumi is a Hunter in the Tsumi Clan. After an accident that resulted in his death, he lost all …

  • Chains of Fate: The Prodigal Son

    Chains of Fate: The Prodigal Son


    Chains of Fate: Fate is the red thread that binds two people together, the guiding line that leads the great ones to their destiny, and the binding chains that keep …

  • The Master of Names

    The Master of Names


    The modern world of magic has moved on. Magic of old no longer allowed in the new age. Deemed too barbaric for the contemporary world, magic skills and formulae …

  • Charlie Mutton – Gifted

    Charlie Mutton – Gifted


    A young boy discovers that his life was not as simple as he thought. Now he has to play a significant role in an interplanar war while learning to …

  • The Phisloke Evolution

    The Phisloke Evolution


    Being a lover of novels, Sydra is on his way home from the old book store near his apartment. Completely immersed in his new novel he ends up walking …

  • The Realm.

    The Realm.


    In this world the good guy doesn't beat the villain, in fact there isn't even good or bad. In this world there are only two beings, the all-encompassing darkness …

  • The Ancient’s Origins

    The Ancient’s Origins


    The only morals I had were a single rule: I would leave 'her' alone. I would let 'her' live her life without my influence, even though we were once close. Close …

  • I Shall Devour Everything

    I Shall Devour Everything


    A young man who once lived like a prince ended up in the streets, hunted like a dog by those with wealth and influence. This terrible fate dawned on him …

  • War, Elements, and Magic

    War, Elements, and Magic


    Despite years and years of conflict, and deaths reaching beyond what the mind can even fathom, the world continues to wage war amongst themselves. Those in power seem to …

  • Mortem Comedenti

    Mortem Comedenti


    "How I wish I could save you from the anguish and pain you will receive….You will walk alone, afraid. You will gain power that you hate. That hate will …

  • The Omni Mage

    The Omni Mage


    Trailer: https://youtu.be/dL5r_kg-oF4 At the Academy of Avalair, a young mage tinkers with magic far beyond her comprehension. Unbeknownst to her, a single experiment would pave the way for a new …

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