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  • Modern History

    Modern History


    What would happen if a modern influencer with no skills found themselves sent into the past with the addition of Immortality? Suffering ensues. If you want to support me and …

  • The Substitute Villainess

    The Substitute Villainess


    " No ! No! ! I didn't; I didn't do it ! I wasn't the one who killed your child let me go , I'm not guilty Your highness …

  • Maculata and the Five Suitors

    Maculata and the Five Suitors


    Maculata is a young 20 year old Queen that has difficulties finding a suitors because of her personality and appearance. The nobles pressure her to marry in order for …

  • The White Kingdom Princess

    The White Kingdom Princess


    "Do you hate me " I asked her not sure I want to hear the answer she has for me "I hate everything and everyone that has anything to …

  • Second Life: Welcome to Gaia

    Second Life: Welcome to Gaia


    Welcome to Second Life. In just a few moments, you will start your new life in Gaia, a world where history and fantasy mix, allowing you to interact with …

  • The Angel’s Demon BL

    The Angel’s Demon BL


    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] Sol is a sheltered Angel who just wants to live a little, he sweet talks his way to being allowed to visit Earth and crashes into …

  • How to Make the Iceprince Fall

    How to Make the Iceprince Fall


    A story about two people using each other... and how they end up in love instead. After killing her parents Katherines’ cousin sends her to an earl of the …

  • Let Me Take Care of You

    Let Me Take Care of You


    The kingdom’s most esteemed Grand Duke and a humble Baron’s only child. One born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a sword in his hand, the other …

  • Entering the Vampire World

    Entering the Vampire World


    Seraphine Armaclei, a young girl that is missing her childhood memories, encounters the people from her vivid visions of the past. She does not know who those people were or …

  • I Choose The Villain Duke

    I Choose The Villain Duke


    Why choose the prince when you can have the devilishly handsome villain instead? The Saintess from another world dies after protecting the kingdom. Mia thought it was just a …




    I was a young boy who wished nothing but to be loved. But one day, as I was reminiscing a memory of my mother and fell asleep, I suddenly woke …

  • The World I Created

    The World I Created


    'The elders say that we are all connected' 'That in the dawn before creation, Sol had been. and it was he that willed us into existence. Everyone.... was formed from …

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