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  • Characters Jace Robert Marcus Montero Collins Montero Mr Montero

    Characters Jace Robert Marcus Montero Collins Montero Mr Montero


    The Tribrid Written by Authoress Mira Presented by the Supreme Writer Bio..... Hello Epic Beings Well this is Author wonder and I need to adjust something's concerning my story. Everything is my fault because I …

  • The Part Of Me

    The Part Of Me


    “High school” is the most memorable and most fun school year for every teenager these days. But Alex Park’s story tells a different scenario. Being the outcast because of …

  • Rain of blood

    Rain of blood


    A mysterious stranger, who calls herself v, claims to have come from the future to save four teenagers who will save the world from its bitter and predetermined end.

  • Contracts With the Void

    Contracts With the Void


    Vanilla Land is a socially rejected, youthful girl, that resides in the isolated town of Merry Oaths —A place infamously known for its tales about paranormal activity, witchery, and …




    Algea High School is a school from Indonesia which is a gathering place for gifted children from different countries. Even though it is known as the favorite school of …

  • Holy Ghost hunter

    Holy Ghost hunter


    I am paranormal enthusiasts, especially interested in life, phase, ABU, one day I graduated student invited me to, that night, I saw the ghost, met a true monk, puzzling …

  • Dethroned Prince Of Hell

    Dethroned Prince Of Hell


    "Kindly Descend In Hell" a beautiful smile from an imploring handsome face yet lifeless eyes staring at his next target to die from being poisoned while listening to the …

  • WHEN Valerie WAS HERE

    WHEN Valerie WAS HERE


    When Maria Valerie Asher disappeared seven years ago everyone assumed she was dead. Afterher disappearance numerous cases of missing children was filed. She was accused with several cases, but …

  • A House Askew

    A House Askew


    Home. It represents the greatest of all emotion. But what if, one day, a house, a home caused generations so much pain, all that emotion caused a stirring deep …

  • Falak Talak – The God is Dead

    Falak Talak – The God is Dead


    On the other hand, people outside were banging the door. “You’re not supposed to climb the ladder of crime so quickly child….Stealing and muerder on the same day? You want …

  • The Mansion of Time

    The Mansion of Time


    It was the beginning of the 8th grade for Joshu and his friends. They lived out normal lives until obstructed by a dark void-captured mansion. Will they make it …

  • Bonnies deadly escape

    Bonnies deadly escape


    Bonnie Rogers is an assasin , her next mission is to take out Damos Eli Parker Alpha of the moonlight Dawn Pack

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