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6 Novels
  • The God’s & Devil’s War

    The God’s & Devil’s War


    Each year 8 people are transported in a new world where they are given the chance to join the war between the God and the Devil. They can choose …

  • My Bothersome Life

    My Bothersome Life


    I was captured and put onto a stake to be lit on fire as part of the ongoing witch hunt conducted throughout the land. I had to do something. …

  • The Honor Student’s Revival

    The Honor Student’s Revival


    Marks — magical tattoos that appear on someone’s body and allow them to use magic. It has six elements and divided into two: higher attributes and lower attributes. Higher …

  • Nux Taku: Isekai’d with the power of flexing

    Nux Taku: Isekai’d with the power of flexing


    Nux's isekai adventure, thats it, why are you still reading this Synopsis, STOP IT!, jeez just read the story, sub to nux taku, why are you still reading this?. …

  • Isekai:Elementario (English version)

    Isekai:Elementario (English version)


    Professional gamers who are in the top 5 of Elementario Online MMORPG experience a strange event, suddenly there is another portal dimension that sucked the five professional gamers into …

  • The Life Of Normal-Taro

    The Life Of Normal-Taro


    Normal-taro is an alien; his real name is something that literally converts into Normal- taro in human language. He is of the planet Wados which translates to the 'planet …