Late Romance

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8 Novels
  • Out of the Closet [BL]

    Out of the Closet [BL]


    Reign Mc Kenzi, a jaded closet gay with man secrets gains enough courage to leave his sadness behind but at a cost. Everyone suffers from his absence and the …

  • Sileo (Restart)

    Sileo (Restart)


    Sileo, whether it refers to restart or silent, everyone living there can agree on one thing - There is always a chance there. There is always a chance to …

  • [Project:Paused ]

    [Project:Paused ]


    First came chaos, chaos gave birth to the first generation of gods. They inherited the power of chaos, but they destroyed and created over and over. They became known …




    A world of possibilities, A world where evil, good and all monsters in between collide. The energy of the world gives its residents the ability to absorb and use the …

  • The Ruler of The Four Worlds’ Journey

    The Ruler of The Four Worlds’ Journey


    Even after his death, ****** did not expect the world to be this unfair to him. His soul was a reject; it was labeled as a defect by the …

  • System Error: A Lost Soul

    System Error: A Lost Soul


    The demon God of northern heaven, The mana child, The ascendant blacksmith, and many more, even a janitor on Earth. I'm all of them, yet I'm not. Who really …

  • Tales of Zenith

    Tales of Zenith


    Welcome travelers. Feel free to rest here before going to other novels. In the meantime I will tell you stories about a world full of magic, beast, monster, swords, …

  • Power Up, Artist Yang!

    Power Up, Artist Yang!


    At 24 years old, Yang Yujia is an unemployed art major, living off heavy debt and instant noodles, both of her irresponsible parents refusing to support her. During a …