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  • Monarch of Evernight

    Monarch of Evernight

    Author: , ,

    永夜君王He rose from hardship, but was felled by betrayal. From then on, one man, one gun; treads the path between Evernight and Daybreak to became a legend. No matter …

  • Stones of the Heart: Rise of the Dragon Empress

    Stones of the Heart: Rise of the Dragon Empress


    Two who should never have been. One was a fool who had to watch, whist unable to act. The other a drifting spirit, wishing to return but can't. She …

  • Trying To Overcome An Apocalypse

    Trying To Overcome An Apocalypse


    What would you do if one day, at the sound of trumpets being blown, your life turns completely around. Read as Johnathan tries to overcome the apocalypse with fantastical abilities. …

  • Buhawi



    Buhawi (Noel Alessandro Servano), the next tribe leader of Tribu Lunok, is facing the biggest adversary he's ever met in his entire life- a mining corporation. Armed only with his …

  • How To Raise A Godslayer

    How To Raise A Godslayer


    Ryn's grin is enough to send chills down deified spines. But since gods aren't exactly pushovers, they have chosen to fight back and managed to inflict a powerful curse of …

  • I Won’t Use the Bathroom Without My Best Friend Next To Me

    I Won’t Use the Bathroom Without My Best Friend Next To Me


    Ever since they were little kids in kindergarten, Nola had to take her friend Elon to the bathroom with her because she was too afraid to do so herself. …

  • A Frequent Transmigrator’s Distress

    A Frequent Transmigrator’s Distress


    As a frequent transmigrator, there was nothing worth to be feared of by our mc. Death? Wait, it exist? For her, life... is nothing but a game. Rammed by a …

  • Shatter



    Pandragea. One Supreme Academy. The Tripartite Alliance. The Three Great Dark Underground Factions. The Six Schools of Martial Arts and Magic. The Five Guilds of Pandragea. It was the land where strength was required. Where …

  • A Fluttering Promise

    A Fluttering Promise


    The world has been plagued by the calamities since eons past. Reborn in a magical fantasy, he died trying to acheive what he could not. Reincarnated once again, he …

  • Out of the Closet [BL]

    Out of the Closet [BL]


    Reign Mc Kenzi, a jaded closet gay with man secrets gains enough courage to leave his sadness behind but at a cost. Everyone suffers from his absence and the …

  • Another World’s King of Pestilence

    Another World’s King of Pestilence


    Entry for #webnovelspirityawards2021 ... January 2030 the world experienced a revolutionary change. The world turned upside down with the emergence of monsters and dungeons. Everything changed as fantasy creatures appeared on …

  • Sileo (Restart)

    Sileo (Restart)


    Sileo, whether it refers to restart or silent, everyone living there can agree on one thing - There is always a chance there. There is always a chance to …

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