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7 Novels
  • A New Beginning.

    A New Beginning.


    *SEQUEL TO THE BODYGUARD* I would recommend reading this one first ^. Alison has grown up and has had a good life for the most part... Well, at least that's …

  • Glints Saga: Papillon

    Glints Saga: Papillon


    Faye Brice saved the world...five years ago. Now she lives an ordinary life, in a city where the magical beings that had invaded the world are now welcomed guests. …

  • Beautifully Disheveled

    Beautifully Disheveled


    “For me, love is the scariest thing of all. The person leaves in the end and leaves you a mess. It’s not worth it.” “You don’t believe in love?” …

  • Supernatural High (Lesbian Romance)

    Supernatural High (Lesbian Romance)


    Fenris Tal is a badass, but she never wanted to be. However people seem to expect her to be heartless and power hungry, when deep inside she's just a …

  • Haram love

    Haram love


    Aygul moves from turkey to Saudi Arabia only to find love not through that of a man but a beautiful mysterious woman by the name Farrah. Together they …

  • If You Knew The Words Of Another

    If You Knew The Words Of Another


    A punk, bad boy, teenaged heart throb who posts music to his YouTube channel with millions of subscribers is known for his heartfelt love songs, but he would really …

  • Customs offericer’s concubine

    Customs offericer’s concubine


    Kayla a severe abuse victim, druggie and prostitute turn drug smuggler; is going to Columbia to smuggle drugs to and from, when her flight is about to leave Toronto, …