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    I stared at the handsome figure in front of me, emotions I could not control flowing down my body. He held my hand as he looked intently into my …

  • Oh Mr General!

    Oh Mr General!


    Sato had to drop out of university as he lacked the funds to continue his education. Due to some unfortunate encounters, his original scholarship funds had disappeared and now …

  • The Blind King

    The Blind King


    Mikey has been abused by his pride all his life for being the only cheetah in his pride. But one day he decide enough was enough and ran away. …

  • Sexcapade



    WARNING TRIGGER--18plus only-- Yes! this is a mature content only. If you are not over the legal age, do not read. This book consists of short sex stories, best …

  • Adore You

    Adore You


    Fate brings them closer together. Two unlikely people meeting in an unexpected way by the bus stop where the lights grow dim. Lewis Walters meets Matthew Harris. A soft-spoken …

  • [BL] A Fairies’ Reincarnation

    [BL] A Fairies’ Reincarnation


    What's the outcome when the line between moral and immoral becomes blurred? * Three hundred-twenty Years ago, a prophecy was forged from the blood of prince Atlas, the same prince who …

  • The Adventurer’s Academy

    The Adventurer’s Academy


    Rin Asahiro, a twenty-year-old sex worker, decides to turn her life around and become an adventurer. Only, she has a vague idea of what the actual occupation of being an …

  • Psycho ( BL )

    Psycho ( BL )


    Damion moved away from the city where he had it all. Wanting a normal life he moves to a remote town where he soon finds out that it is …

  • Life changing blood
  • Thousand Mile

    Thousand Mile


    Benjamin has a childhood friend named Charli whom he hasn't seen in years. Lately Benjamin has been having strange feelins about his friend but assumes the reason is because …

  • Fated to Love Again

    Fated to Love Again


    Kagarawa Yuuma was fifteen years old when he first fell in love but fate split them apart the very next day. The only thing he had to remember the …

  • What His Highness’ Birds Won’t Tell You [BL]

    What His Highness’ Birds Won’t Tell You [BL]


    Life as a British noble was fine. But Evan has a secret. In the middle of his college years, his parents arrange a wedding between him and a noble lady …

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