Life Adventure

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5 Novels
  • To Hate Ice-cream

    To Hate Ice-cream


    Shreya Yuki Owen the heroine, experienced a lot of up and downs in her life. The process of her growing into a bubbly kid slowly became a shadow puppet …

  • As We Grow

    As We Grow


    From the moment she met Su Cheng Yang, the whole of her youth was crafted. Yi Ling chased his back, followed after his footprint under the soft ray light …

  • Potpourri of Tales

    Potpourri of Tales


    One short story (or more, if time and circumstances permit) a month. Here's a collection of scribbled glimpses that my mind’s eye sees in the form of short fiction. …

  • Fated to be queen

    Fated to be queen


    Many teens, two kingdoms, lots of werewolf’s and vampires, a few budding romances make one hell of a summer. -What’s hidden in the dark always comes to the light- These siblings …

  • Camp Oasis

    Camp Oasis


    3 siblings, one Family One summer camp Many unraveling secrets and insecurities one sibling gets everything she wants when she wants it, she's not a virgin, has the IDGAF attitude! …