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  • Hellbound With You

    Hellbound With You


    [WARNING: THIS NOVEL IS R-18]"I love you, despite the danger signs."....“Little lamb, let me tell you this. You’re standing before the gates of hell right now. Doing this means …

  • For The Love of Art and HIM

    For The Love of Art and HIM


    The royal families in the modern Kingdom of Chenyth are hiding sinister secrets all the while pretending to be virtuous and admirable to the public eye. Fiona, the self …

  • Martial arts Fanatic Sai

    Martial arts Fanatic Sai


    Martial artist fanatic Sai Jin Hua was a respected martial arts master of multiple martial arts and he wanted to be the best in the world so he challenged …

  • Dream Catcher by Alicia Chechile

    Dream Catcher by Alicia Chechile


    All Marie ever wanted was to be normal. But after she discovered her unique ability, she knew that that would never be possible. Now, she has to find a …

  • Fear is an illusion

    Fear is an illusion


    A brave princess from a village in Africa puts a stop to the slave trades in that era after she discovered that the stories about a deadly monster living …

  • Breath of creation universe

    Breath of creation universe


    General Summary: Sometimes, the multiverse needs expanding. That's where I come in. But, unfortunately, being a deity isn't all fun and games (and is incredibly complicated), as there are always …

  • Sunflower Dreams a George Weasley fanfic

    Sunflower Dreams a George Weasley fanfic


    Our story begins with Scarlett Black's third year of school at Hogwarts. Daughter of Sirius Black. A quiet Slytherin with her toad Kirby, who's Godfather, Remus Lupin, has just …

  • Jungkook FF Psycho Girl

    Jungkook FF Psycho Girl


    A young girl, thought that the love of her life would be together forever. What happens after she finds out it was all a lie. Her death was faked, …

  • The Song of the Night Flower

    The Song of the Night Flower


    "How far are you willing to go for love?" Hua MingJie, a wealthy lord of noble lineage, has lost his most cherished possession: his wife. Driven by desperation, he comes into …

  • Fated to Love Again

    Fated to Love Again


    Kagarawa Yuuma was fifteen years old when he first fell in love but fate split them apart the very next day. The only thing he had to remember the …

  • My Discontented Blood Lust

    My Discontented Blood Lust


    A man who appears out of nowhere reminds her of her dark past. the romance between a vampire of an elite class and a corrupted lustful half-blooded vampire manages …

  • A Tempting Love

    A Tempting Love


    What happens when you fall for a Arrogant yet sexy Rockstar , while being engaged to a Powerful Business Man. Will you find your way out or lose yourself …

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