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8 Novels
  • Valkyries and Blade Dancers

    Valkyries and Blade Dancers


    A millennium has passed since the dawn of the war between the "aradama" and the "Toji". Even the passage of time has done nothing to calm the conflict. As such, …

  • Cretin



    A Man from the modern “civilized” world is shocked as he is abruptly thrusted into a medieval-like world he doesn’t understand.

  • A Ballad of Ink and Steel

    A Ballad of Ink and Steel


    The Empire of Veria is in pieces. Emperor Alexandros III has been murdered, his lawful heir driven from the throne which is hers by right. In her place sits …

  • Dunha’s Legacy

    Dunha’s Legacy


    Dunha Star became the 6th ruler of the Star Kingdom after the mysterious death of her father, the 5th king, Henry Star. However, her rule was not as easy …

  • Arcane Magic

    Arcane Magic


    In 2063, Magic has been part of the world for almost 40 years and this story follows the man named “The Master of All Magic'', one of the most …

  • Earth’s Free Company

    Earth’s Free Company


    Derik, known as Deik by his friends, has found himself stuck in another world! He really wants nothing to do with all the adventuring and heroics. Being forced out …

  • Aicin Saga

    Aicin Saga


    The Empire stretched back to the time of legends, yet only decades ago, was it torn asunder from the inside. As the march of time decimated the lands of …

  • Rebirth Of The Evil Vampire Princess

    Rebirth Of The Evil Vampire Princess


    (Novel's title has been changed to, "Rebirth Of The Evil Vampire Princess) [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] What happens when an evil vampire princess reincarnates as a pure-hearted lady who is unaware of …