magic fantasy

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4 Novels
  • The Firce Princess

    The Firce Princess


    "What?" Annabelle whimper, "How can this be the truth?" "Yes, indeed this is the truth about you and now you know it," Richard tells her and sighs, "Are you ready …

  • Alice and Arisu

    Alice and Arisu


    "Rukadius Kingdom is currently the weakest of all kingdom in the world. Possessing small lands, weak politics, army and everything else. Though, the gods didn't completely forsaken Rukadius Kingdom. …

  • Witch Are You?

    Witch Are You?


    Caroline is a smart young woman thrust into a dangerous new world when she falls from an apple tree one day under suspicious circumstances. While navigating a dangerous foreign …

  • The Overpower Protagonist

    The Overpower Protagonist


    A Human named Kiro has a dream to become a Strongest Magician ever live. He wants to surpass the limit of the people and rule over the universe! The …